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You Might be Wondering...

What use is a fit & feel sample?

We get it. A hearing aid sample that doesn't let you hear may sound odd. When shopping for a hearing aid however, some of the most important questions are: 'can I wear this in my ear for long periods?' and 'how visible is the hearing aid when worn?'. These samples allow you to see how well Eargo's unique open fit design feels and looks in your ear – on your schedule, in the comfort of your home. As for how it sounds? Well that's the next step. And we have an ironclad 45-day trial period that allows you to do just that. 

Is Eargo an amplifier or a hearing aid?

Eargo is a hearing aid. Eargos are Class 1 medical devices and regulated by the FDA. This means we’ve taken the necessary steps to make sure our devices meet certain standards, the same ones that all traditional hearing aid brands have to meet. Amplifiers, or Personal Sound Amplifiers (PSAPs), do not meet these criteria and are not subject to FDA regulations. By their definition, PSAPs are meant to amplify environmental sounds for “non-hearing-impaired” consumers. In our case, we have a team of talented engineers whose sole focus is designing leading-edge solutions for those with mild to moderate hearing loss.

Do I need a hearing test to buy Eargo?

Nope. No hearing test is needed when you order Eargo. Eargo devices are specifically designed for those with a variety of mild to moderate hearing losses, including hearing loss from noise exposure or simply due to natural aging. This type of hearing loss is very common but is (sadly) rarely treated. That’s where we come in. Each Eargo device has 4 custom developed Sound Profiles that are built on 30 years of research from the world-renowned National Acoustics Laboratories. These 4 scientifically-based Sound Profiles cover a wide range of mild to moderate high frequency hearing losses and aim to make speech clearer rather than louder.

A Hearing Aid Meant for the Masses

 "Traditional hearing aids wrap around the ear and typically require several fittings and appointments with audiologists. Eargo Max, by contrast, fits comfortably inside the ear and can be bought online with help from a specialist."

Best Inventions 2018

"Eargo sets a new bar in hearing aid technology."

The hearing aid that’s changing the hearing aid industry

Today over 48 million Americans suffer from some form of hearing loss. Surprisingly less than two in ten do something about it. Often it comes down to cost, comfort and convenience of owning traditional hearing aids. But the number one reason is denial. People just don’t think their hearing loss justifies wearing a clunky piece of hardware behind their ear, telegraphing they have hearing issues.

Eargo is on a mission to change all that by creating remarkable hearing aids that addresses all these issues. From a low cost direct-to-consumer model to the unprecedented comfort Flexi Fibers provide to the truly invisibility profile, there’s simply nothing else out there that does it all. At Eargo we believe you should want to wear a hearing aid not have to wear one.


The Eargo Difference

Eargo fits discreetly inside your ear canal so it’s possible no one can see you’re wearing a hearing device. Unless of course, they have X-ray vision.

Virtually Invisible

Incredibly Comfortable

Flexi Fibers hold Eargo in place and float inside your ear. Plus, they’re so comfortable, you may forget you’re wearing them…but don’t worry, you won’t hurt their feelings.

Fibers let some low frequency (bass) sounds pass through, so only the high frequency (treble) sounds need to be amplified. The result is a more natural sound…you won’t believe your ears.

Eargos are rechargeable and arrive ready to use right out of the box. You’ll no longer have the hassle of fussing with those tiny expensive batteries again.

Crisp Natural Sound


A hearing aid like no other

What Eargo users are saying

  • “Fair price. Impressive quality. Excellent performance.
    I love my Eargo.”
    Randolph T.
  • “Omg was I surprised on the quality of the devices
    and the charger unit is pretty special itself.”
    Nick N.
  • “I loved the way they fit and felt.
    After a day or two of wearing them you forget you have them in.”
    Leo M.

Even our Price is Surprisingly Small.

Eargo Max is almost 50% less than the competition.

How to buy Eargo

Our hearing aids are as comfortable to buy as they are to wear.

And with flexible payment plans as low as $114*/month, you can’t afford not to own them.

*This example payment is the amount of equal monthly payments on a loan to finance the purchase based on the listed product price of $2,450 assuming a 24 month term and a 9.99% APR. Your terms may vary and are subject to credit approval. Rates range from 0% to 29.99% APR. Bread® loans are made by Cross River Bank, Member FDIC.

*For mild to moderate hearing loss. Will not restore normal hearing. Full benefit best obtained with frequent use. CLICK HERE for more information and labeling about Eargo.

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