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An invisible hearing aid unlike anything you’ve seen before.

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- These non-working samples are for fit & feel only -

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Eargo has processed insurance claims for thousands and thousands of Federal employees and retirees. We accept insurance for many federal employee benefits plans and other plans including:



*Your out-of-pocket costs may vary depending on plan benefits, eligibility, deductible, co-insurance, and model of device chosen. Benefit is not available through all insurance plans. Please consult your plan for coverage details.

BCBS FEP  |   GEHA |  Aetna

If your insurance isn't listed, please check with your insurance provider for eligibility.

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And many more.*

*Insurance plans are listed as a convenience to customers seeking to determine whether the purchase of an Eargo

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  • Rich, full-bodied natural listening experience
  • Our best sound fidelity ever
  • State of the art hearing solution



Finance for as low as $137 / month

24-month financing with 0% APR





Finance for as low as $86 / month

Finance for as low as $109 / month


Small, sleek, and practically invisible in your ears.

So comfortable, you may forget you're wearing them.

Eargos are completely rechargeable, so no need for small, expensive batteries.




Remember, unlike traditional hearing aids, Eargos fit comfortably inside your ear canal and won’t get in the way of your face mask. Putting your face mask on and taking it off is safe and effortless while wearing Eargos.


Simplicity of setup and use, pricing, and it really works! I believe the information provided has been very simple and helpful as to what to expect and how to maintain the devices.

— Linda C. (September 9, 2020)

They fulfill all the audible requirements a person could want. They are simple to maintain and are practically unnoticeable.

— Percy M. (September 7, 2020)

"I can tell you that after receiving my Eargos in the mail it has literally transformed my life."

— Rowdy Gaines

3x Olympic Gold Medalist Swimmer


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You Might be Wondering...

What use is a non-working fit & feel sample?

We get it. A hearing aid sample that doesn't let you hear may sound odd. When shopping for a hearing aid however, some of the most important questions are: 'can I wear this in my ear for long periods?' and 'how visible is the hearing aid when worn?'. These samples allow you to see how well Eargo's unique open fit design feels and looks in your ear – on your schedule, in the comfort of your home. As for how it sounds? Well that's the next step. 

Is Eargo an amplifier or a hearing aid?

Eargo is a hearing aid. Eargos are Class 1 medical devices and regulated by the FDA. This means we’ve taken the necessary steps to make sure our devices meet certain standards, the same ones that all traditional hearing aid brands have to meet. Amplifiers, or Personal Sound Amplifiers (PSAPs), do not meet these criteria and are not subject to FDA regulations. By their definition, PSAPs are meant to amplify environmental sounds for “non-hearing-impaired” consumers. In our case, we have a team of talented engineers whose sole focus is designing leading-edge solutions for those with mild to severe high-frequency hearing loss.

Do I need a hearing test to buy Eargo?

Nope. No hearing test is needed when you order Eargo. Eargo devices are specifically designed for those with a variety of mild to moderate hearing losses, including hearing loss from noise exposure or simply due to natural aging. This type of hearing loss is very common but is (sadly) rarely treated. That’s where we come in. Each Eargo device has 4 custom developed Sound Profiles that are built on 30 years of research from the world-renowned National Acoustics Laboratories. These 4 scientifically-based Sound Profiles cover a wide range of mild to moderate high frequency hearing losses and aim to make speech clearer rather than louder.

**Your out-of-pocket costs may vary depending on plan benefits, eligibility, deductible, co-insurance, and model of device chosen. Benefit is not available through all insurance plans. Please consult your plan for coverage details.

*For mild to moderate high-frequency hearing loss. Will not restore normal hearing. Full benefit best obtained with frequent use.

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