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The Smart Hearing Aid Solution To Beat

"Eargo’s solutions are designed to change people’s lives. It certainly changed my mom’s life, and based on the company’s customer reviews, she’s not the only one."

Innovation by Design Award

Best Inventions of 2018

Upgrade Your Ears


Because we believe you shouldn't just need a hearing aid...you should want one.

Small, sleek, and practically invisible in your ears.


So comfortable, you may forget you're wearing them.


Eargos are completely rechargeable, so no need for small, expensive batteries.


Unparalleled Sound


Top of the line sound fidelity from us

means crystal clear sound for you.

Eargo Neo features effortless personalization

via our brand new Eargo app.


Best hearing aids I have ever had. This is my 4th attempt at finding something that works, are comfortable, and won’t fall out of my ears.

-Kevin D. (January 17, 2020)

I am totally impressed with the sound quality I am getting from my Eargo Neos and they have proved to be very easy to use from the start. It was a no brainer to give them a try because there is a 45 day trial period and you have offered a good customer relations via your hearing specialist and great support.

-Kathy H. (January 27, 2020)

"The easiest way to describe it is that I feel like myself again."

— George, WA.

Aerospace Program Manager

Ever found yourself wondering, "What's the right hearing aid for me?" Well, you're in luck. That just happens to be our favorite subject. Our licensed professionals are ready to answer all your questions, from whether you're ready for hearing aids, to trying Eargo for yourself. All the answers are just a call away. 


Susan, Eargo Hearing Guide Extraordinaire

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You might be wondering...

Is Eargo an amplifier or a hearing aid?

Eargo is a hearing aid. Eargos are Class 1 medical devices and regulated by the FDA. This means we’ve taken the necessary steps to make sure our devices meet certain standards, the same ones that all traditional hearing aid brands have to meet. Amplifiers, or Personal Sound Amplifiers (PSAPs), do not meet these criteria and are not subject to FDA regulations. By their definition, PSAPs are meant to amplify environmental sounds for “non-hearing-impaired” consumers. In our case, we have a team of talented engineers whose sole focus is designing leading-edge solutions for those with mild to moderate hearing loss.

Do I need a hearing test to buy Eargo?

Nope. No hearing test is needed when you order Eargo. Eargo devices are specifically designed for those with a variety of mild to moderate hearing losses, including hearing loss from noise exposure or simply due to natural aging. This type of hearing loss is very common but is (sadly) rarely treated. That’s where we come in. Each Eargo device has 4 custom developed Sound Profiles that are built on 30 years of research from the world-renowned National Acoustics Laboratories. These 4 scientifically-based Sound Profiles cover a wide range of mild to moderate high frequency hearing losses and aim to make speech clearer rather than louder.

*For mild to moderate hearing loss. Will not restore normal hearing. Full benefit best obtained with frequent use.

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